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  1. Barbara Ann

    Thank You Thank You Thank You. This is what I needed. How about installing, adding photographs? And excuse the dumb question but is there a word or size limit?
    Do I need to upgrade my laptop or add any new programs? Which photos work best, do I need to make them jpg or something? Does one camera work better than another or if I had pictures from my camera could I use those?
    So sorry I'm out of breath from asking so many questions. But I'm excited and ready based on your reply. Sorry if I question bombed you.
    Thank you
    Barbara Ann

  2. Lisa Kozma

    Thank you. I started my own just last week. I was still not clear on where to go after my site was created but had a vague idea. This article is so helpful. I haven't written the first topic but I hope to get it going in the next few weeks. I wanted to base it off many thing. I love home decor, painting, family, kids, marriage, and fun things. I chose a name that could attract many audiences. I look forward to reading more of how you go about a daily routine with a blog. How many articles, interesting tidbits etc.?

  3. Dee

    Great tips -- I wish I had read something like this before starting out. Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to read the next steps! 🙂

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